Brand New Issue!
New issue is out now and available to order through Mend My Dress Press! If you're a zine distro or a store, you can order wholesale through them as well. 

I'm really proud of the contents of this zine. If you remember, issue #6 barely had any writing from my point of view. It was all interviews or article submissions from other people. Part of the reason I felt like I needed to quit making this zine at that time is that I felt that I didn't know what else to say on the topic of Black Punk. I think I just needed to take a break and absorb new information and ideas for a couple of years. Experiences such as traveling to Nigeria, the Black Lives Matter movement, and  meeting new black weirdos helped re-inspire me to write from my perspective, the way I did in issue #2. 

Here is a contents list for #8 and some scans. Below, you'll find info on where to find Shotgun Seamstress zine collection book. I also have four back issues of SS zine available to read for FREE in full online. Either go here or scroll down to the end of the post.





Okada Boys
Interview: Wizard Apprentice
Taquila Mockingbird Revisted
Kids Doing the Noise-Making Thing: Marc Edwards of Cellular Chaos
Late Night Rant on the Day of Walter Scott's Murder
Pay It No Mind: The Life & Times of Martha P. Johnson
Interview: Geretta Geretta
There Are No White Doves in My Neighborhood: Chicago Black & Brown Punk Shows

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Some history... Seamstress began as a photocopy zine in 2006. I called it a zine by and for black punks, queers, feminists, activists, artists & musicians. Each issue features interviews, articles and a few personal writings that promoted free expression and anti-consumerist/DIY ethics for everyone but especially for black youth. Every single page of every single issue was laid out by hand.

Issues #1-6  were compiled as a book and published by Mend My Dress Press in the fall of 2011.  It is $18 and you can order it directly from Mend My Dress or from Amazon.

Since publishing the book, I have made issue  #6.5, "Naija Punx" and issue #7 "Flyer Art."  "Naija Punx" features interviews with four Nigerian-American punk rockers including myself.  "Flyer Art" contains flyers from the woman- and queer-positive punk shows I put on in New Orleans under the name No More Fiction.  It also includes personal writings that some of the flyers inspired such as show anecdotes, the story of now-defunct Southern girl band, Kicktease, booking shows during hurricane season, the first year of Not Enough Fest in New Orleans and more.  These issues, as well as copies of nos. 1-6 can be found at the following distros:

*These distros are run by people of color.  Brown Recluse carries zines by people of color only.

Read full issues of Shotgun Seamstress here: