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Brand New Issue!

New issue is out now and available to order through Mend My Dress Press ! If you're a zine distro or a store, you can order wholesale through them as well.  I'm really proud of the contents of this zine. If you remember, issue #6 barely had any writing from my point of view. It was all interviews or article submissions from other people. Part of the reason I felt like I needed to quit making this zine at that time is that I felt that I didn't know what else to say on the topic of Black Punk. I think I just needed to take a break and absorb new information and ideas for a couple of years. Experiences such as traveling to Nigeria, the Black Lives Matter movement, and  meeting new black weirdos helped re-inspire me to write from my perspective, the way I did in issue #2.  Here is a contents list for #8 and some scans! Below, you'll find info on where to find Shotgun Seamstress zine collection book . I also have four back issues of SS zine available to read for FREE

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