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Shotgun Seamstress Book Launch!


Shotgun Seamstress: The Complete Zine Collection

Aayyyeeee! Shotgun has been given new life! The second edition of Shotgun Seamstress will be released on November 29, 2022 by  Soft Skull Press . Pre-order your copy from an independent Black-Owned Bookshop today.  This beautiful hardback volume contains every issue of the zine (numbers one through eight) including issue six and a half: "Naija Punx." I'm so excited that this project I worked on for a decade (2006-2015), a labor of love, will be widely available for the very first time. Many thanks to Mensah Demary at Soft Skull, Kathleen Hanna and every single person who contributed to or was interviewed for Shotgun Seamstress zine including queer punk icon Vaginal Davis who is on the cover. Follow along on social media ( @shotgunseamstresszine on Instagram) for news, events, and cut-n-paste zine art. 

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